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Telescopic Masts Lightning Protection

Protect telescopic masts from lightning strikes!

Lightning is a serious threat for telescopic masts in military use. The resulting damage of even a single lightning strike can be loss of any equipment on mast and possible damages on mobile vehicle an deven on military personnel.

Now, there is finally a 100% successful solution to stop lightning strikes on telescopic masts; EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System.

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Telescopic Masts on Military Vehicle

Telescopic masts are practical elevation platforms espacially for military use, however mostly made of conductive material, these masts are prone to lightning strikes.

Telescopic Mast

Lightning strikes to tall and sharp objects because when strom cloud approaches over an area, all ground charges(mostly positive) are pulled by the opposite charged ions of the cloud. So they climb up to the tallest object and are emitted through the tip of the structure. When ground charges reach to the opposite charges of the cloud, an ionized channel is developped which is called “Lightning”.

Telescopic Mast - Charge Accumulation

Telescopic masts are not likely to be a target of lightning strikes when they are not erected on mobile vehicles, however when they are set to be used, operator elevates the top platform and now not only the mast and the electronics on it but also the vehicle and military personnel inside and around the vehicle are under a serious risk of getting strike by lightning.

Lightning Strike on Telescopic Mast

Use of Traditional Lightning Arresters

Telescopic Mast - Lightning Rod

Lightning arresters or lightning rods can not provide a solution for protecting telescopic masts against lightning strikes because they also emit the ground charges on the vehicle through their sharp ends and this generates the lightning channel between the mast and the cloud.

The result is another lightning strike on the mast and naturally on vehicle and personnel.

Lightning Strike on Telescopic Mast with Lightning Rod

Lightning must be kept away from telescopic masts.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

Telescpoic Mast EvoDis System

EvoDis® System dissipates the charges on the structures and avoids the emission of an upward positive charge stream towards the cloud. This process makes the telescopic masts “invisible” to lightning and lightning acts as if the vehicle does not exist there. All electronics on the mast and military personnel inside and around the vehicle remain safe.

Lightning Portection Telescopic Mast

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is installed directly on the telescopic mast without a need for a conductor or additional grounding element. Considering that ground charges can climb even on mobile vehicles, lightning can and does strike on these structures as well and EvoDis® Units can dissipate the charges on them and avoid a possible strike on the mast and vehicle.

Lightning Protection for Telescopic Masts

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is a lightning protection solution with 100% success in high voltage laboratory tests and in field tests. EvoDis® has been applied to hundreds of lightning prone towers, masts and poles worldwide and none of these structures have been hit by lightning since the dates of installation.

Best way of lightning protection is to stay away from lightning.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System keeps lightning away.

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