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ExxonMobil's Outdoor Cameras are now safe with EvoDis® System


EvoDis® System protects the outdoor CCTV cameras of ExxonMobil at their facility in Nigeria.

2000 Sites Safe with EvoDis® System!


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System has reached to 2000 application benchmark! For the past 12+ years, EvoDis® System has protected all 2000 cell towers, radio&tv towers, internet provider towers, tower cranes, mobile cranes, outdoor cameras, power transmission lines and boats with 100% success.

EvoDis® System applications for Aselsan Inc.


Aselsan is the biggest contractor for military projects in Turkey and in the middle east. MTO supplied EvoDis® System to Aselsan for one of their primary projects covering the whole country in order to protect their outdoor products with 100% success.

150+ boats are free of lightning with EvoDis® System!


EvoDis® System Marine Series has been applied on over 150 boats including sailboats, ketches, yachts, and barges in just over a year since the date of release. Many boat owners and charter companies now prefer EvoDis® System as their lightning protection solution with its 100% success.

Golis Telecom Somalia is now 100% safe with EvoDis® System


Golis Telecom in Somalia has signed up a contract with MTO for protecting its telecommunication sites with EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System. 

EvoDis® Marine Series


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is now available for marine lightning protection! Lightning is a major threat for boats and EvoDis® units are ready to protect boats, sailboats, yachts and catamarans worldwide from lightning strikes. You may also check for details.

EvoDis® on High Voltage Transmission Towers


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is applied on high voltage power transmission towers of PTC2 of VietNam.

MTO Turns 10!


While celebrating our 10th anniversary, we are more than proud to be carrying traditional “Lightning Protection” concept to a brand new perspective. It may seem to be started with the very first EvoDis prototype drawings, however it was all physics, maths and atmospheric sciences included. The result is 100% success on nearly a thousand towers worldwide with 100% customer satisfaction. We are thankful to all our clients for their trust and happy to carry their operations to a much safer level. See you on 20!

EvoDis® on Tower Cranes


Tower cranes are safe with EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System against lightning strikes. We already applied EvoDis® System on more than 32 cranes with different types and jib lengths in lightning prone areas worldwide and none of them received any lightning strikes for the past 1,5 years.

EvoDis® Application for ATC India


MTO’s first EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System application for ATC India has been done in Cochin. ATC India preferred to install EvoDis® System on their tower which has the highest rate of lightning damage in order to minimize the risk of getting hit by lightning strikes before the monsoon season starts. 

EvoDis® Application for Vodafone India


MTO’s first EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System application in India is done for Vodafone in Kolkata. EvoDis® System is succesfully installed on Vodafone India's data center to protect the tower against any failure before monsoon season.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System Global Applications


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is now a globally preferred lightning prevention system. TV5 broadcast operator from Philippines applied EvoDis® System on their 5 towers which is MTO has been first international application.


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