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No more Lightning Strikes to Metal Towers

Lightning seeks the tallest and sharpest object around. This is why, lightning is the biggest natural threat to service providers that construct or operate metal structures such as Telecommunication Towers, Radio&TV Broadcast Towers, Tower Cranes, HV Power Lines, and Towers, CCTV Camera Masts, Telescopic Masts, and Sailboats. Fortunately, there is a solution to keep these metal structures away from lightning strikes, but it’s not lightning rods or other similar lightning arrester products.

Why not Lightning Rod?

The answer is simple: lightning rods are not invented for metal structures. Let’s get into the details.

“Catching a lightning strike” can be a good idea for ordinary buildings because the lightning rod, the down-conductor, and the grounding system bond to each other and are all made of highly conductive material. The idea is to make the tip of the lightning rod the primary target, have the strike hit the rod, carry the lightning current through the down-conductor cable and let it reach the grounding system safely. Since the building is mostly made of non-conductive material such as concrete, lightning current can easily travel through the conductor cable without arcing into the building.

However, things change for a metal tower.

A metal tower is already a conductive surface and a good path for the lightning current to flow down to the ground. Even with the best grounding system with the lowest resistance, lightning prefers to flow over large surfaces instead of a tiny conductor cable. Why? Well, simply because lightning current follows the easiest and fastest path to the ground, and flowing through a large surface is much easier than being prisoned in a tiny cable.

This results with damage to the equipment that is positioned on the towers. These can be antennas and radios on a telecom or broadcast tower, can be the electronics on a tower crane, power transmission lines held by the towers, outdoor cameras and wi-fi hub terminals on metal masts, etc..

To keep this equipment safe, Lightning must be kept AWAY from metal structures.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® System is a lightning prevention solution that keeps the strikes away from the protected metal structure. EvoDis® System is NOT a lightning arrester and does not attract strikes on itself or the structure.

EvoDis® System collects the ground charges on itself, divides the charge amount into smaller groups, and emits them immediately before letting them reach the opposite charge groups of the cloud. This process blocks the formation of a lightning strike between the cloud and the structure and keeps all equipment on the metal structure safe.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System protects thousands of Telecom Towers, Radio&TV Broadcast Towers, Cranes, CCTV Cameras, HV Power Transmission Lines, Mobile Military Telescopic Masts, and Sailboats with 100% success for 15+ years.

If you construct, own, or operate any of the above structures, you have a solution to keep lightning strikes AWAY from them.

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