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No more Lightning Damage on Telecom Sites

Lightning is the biggest threat to Telecommunication Sites. Telecom Towers are made of metal and are taller than any structure around, so they are the primary target of lightning strikes.

Even a single lightning strike can damage all equipment on the tower such as antennas, radios, radomes, cables etc), and lightning current can even damage all electronics inside the nearby shelter. This results with long-time service loss, cost of damaged equipment and additional recovery costs to the operator.

Why Don't the Lightning Rods Work?

Traditional lightning arresters (lightning rods, Franklin rods, Early Streamer Emitters – E.S.E) CAN NOT protect telecom towers from lightning because they attract the strikes on themselves. Since they are attached to the structure, any lightning strike collected by the arrester is a direct lightning strike to the tower, which results in all damages listed above.

The reason lightning arresters do not protect the telecom sites is simple; they were invented 350+ years ago for concrete buildings, not for metal towers. They collect the strikes and try to let the lightning current flow down to the ground through a conductor cable. This method works fine for applications on traditional buildings because the building is non-conductive material (mostly concrete and/or wood) and lightning current can flow through the conductor cable easily.

However, a metal tower is already a good conductor. When a lightning arrester system is applied to the tower, lightning current prefers to flow down to the ground through the easiest path, which is the tower body, not a tiny conductor cable. During this flow, lightning current still damages all equipment on the tower and inside the nearby shelter.

In other words, there is no difference between using a lightning arrester system and leaving the metal tower unprotected.

Lightning strikes must be kept away from the metal towers.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is the ONLY lightning protection solution which keeps lightning strikes AWAY from metal towers. EvoDis® System collects the ground charges and disspate them away from the tower. This process keeps the surrounding electrical field strength below the threshold level and blocks the formation of a lightning strike between the cloud and the tower.

In other words, EvoDis® System makes the tower “invisible” to lightning strikes, and keeps all equipment on tower and in the nearby shelter safe.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System has been applied to over 5000 sites globally and protects them with 100% success for nearly 15 years.

No lightning strikes

No damage to equipment

No service loss

No cost of additional maintenance and replacements

Contact Us Today for further information and find out how we can suport your operation.


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