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Lightning Protection for Radio&TV Broadcast Towers

Lightning Protection for TV Broadcast Towers

If your company operates a radio or television broadcasting service, you need tall metal towers to place your antennas and radios, and you want your clients to receive the best and uninterrupted service. You support your operation with power generators, additional power supply units such as the solar panels and windmills, and you conduct regular maintenance visits to the site to keep your operation on-going.

But even though you have a proper grounding system and also a lightning arrester with tens of meters of copper conductor cables, your site gets affected and your tower is hit by lightning strikes every time a storm approaches. The result is the loss of all equipment on the tower, additional maintenance costs, and most of all; loss of your service.

This is not a coincidence. Lightning arresters are NOT made for metal towers.

Lightning Rod Protection

Lightning arresters try to attract lightning strikes on themselves to avoid any direct hit to any other place within the protected zone which also seems to cover your tower and the nearby shelter. However, when the arrester “catches” the strikes, the lightning current has to flow down to the ground, and it does not prefer the conductor cable, but the tower legs. This is because of the nature of lightning; lightning current prefers larger surfaces instead of a tiny conductor cable to reach to the ground.

Lightning must be kept AWAY from the tower.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

Lightning Protection for TV Broadcast Towers

EvoDis® System is simply a lightning preventer (not attracter) for metal structures. When the storm approaches, all positive charges on the ground are pulled towards the storm cloud and they climb up on the tower to be emitted and reach the negative charges of the cloud. EvoDis® System is a form of tens of thousands of tiny and sharp pins which collect the ground charges and dissipate them off the tower in small amounts. This process keeps the surrounding electrical field strength below the threshold level and blocks the formation of a lightning channel between the tower and the cloud. In other words; EvoDis® System makes the tower “invisible” to the storm cloud and the lightning strikes.

Lightning protection for metal towers

Since lightning strikes do not target the tower, all equipment on the tower remains safe and your operation keeps on going with no interruptions.

No more lightning strikes

No more damage to equipment

No more service loss

TV Broadcast Tower Lightning Protection

EvoDis® System applied on 2000+ sites all over the world which were hit by lightning strikes before the installations. NONE of these sites experienced any direct lightning-related damage for the past 12+ years and EvoDis® System protects them with 100% success.

Contact Us today to let us support your operation.

The best way of lightning protection is to stay away from the lightning

EvoDis® System keeps lightning strikes away from you


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