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Lightning Protection for Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Outdoor cameras are installed on metal poles/masts, and they are highly prone to lightning strikes. Traditional lightning arresters (a.k.a. lightning rods) can NOT protect your cameras from lightning damage because they attract lightning strikes on themselves and to the camera poles.

Lightning arrester CCTV Camera

Even with a lightning rod on the camera pole, lightning still gives damage to the cameras, creates additional maintenance costs, and loss of service.

CCTV Camera lightning rod

Lightning must be kept AWAY from the cameras!

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

Lightning protection CCTV Camera

EvoDis® System dissipates the ground charges away from the protected structure. This process keeps the surrounding electrical field strength below the threshold level, blocks the formation of upward streamers towards the storm cloud and avoids the development of the lightning channel between the cloud and the camera pole.

EvoDis® System keeps the lightning strikes away from the camera pole and makes your cameras “invisible” to lightning strikes.

CCTV Camera Lightning Protection

EvoDis® System does not require a conductor cable, any power source or any additional grounding system. EvoDis® Units are easily mounted on the camera pole and you are now free of lightning threat forever!

Outdoor camera lightning protection

EvoDis® System protects hundreds of outdoor cameras all over the world with 100% success for 14+ years.

Contact Us today to keep your cameras safe!

The best way of lightning protection is to stay away from lightning.

EvoDis® System keeps lightning strikes away from you.


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