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Lightning Protection for Metal Towers

Lightning Strike

Lightning is an electrical discharge between clouds and ground. This enormous energy transfer creates a rapid rise in pressure and heat which result with devastating affects at the strike point. So do we desperately accept these results? Is the damage inevitable? No!

If you live and/or work in equatorial regions, you definitely know what lightning is. Furthermore, you may have experienced the damages in your surrounding area. Lightning hits the tallest and usually sharpest structure around. Metal towers are the primary targets of lightning strikes because they are the tallest structures around and since that they are made of conductive material; they generate a path for lightning current from the strike point to ground.

Metal towers such as telecommunication towers, radio-tv broadcast towers, high voltage transmission towers, tower cranes, wind turbines and poles of any use are magnets for lightning strikes.

Lightning arresters (or lightning rods) can not protect these towers against lightning strikes because the tower itself is an attractive target for lightning and if you install lightning arrester on top, it will attract lightning even more as expected.. The problem starts here; lightning current has to flow down to ground and this flow happens through tower body!

Lightning Rod on Telecom Tower

It is unnecessary and in fact meaningless to attract lightning in name of “protection” when there is a real solution to make the site “invisible” to lightning and let it strike on any other point.

EvoDis® System is a unique lightning protection solution for metal structures such as telecom towers, radio-tv towers, power transmission towers, tower cranes, wind turbines and security camera poles. EvoDis® dissipates the charges on towers and makes the towers invisible to lightning. Lightning acts as if the tower does not exist there and strikes at some other point. This results with protection of any equipment on towers and inside nearby shelters against lightning.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is a lightning protection solution with 100% success in high voltage laboratory tests and in field tests. EvoDis® has been applied to hundreds of towers worldwide and none of these towers have been hit by lightning since the dates of installation.

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