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How Strong is Lightning and How to be Protected?

Lightning is a beauty of nature and an enormous source of energy. Unfortunately, with today's technology it is not possible yet to save this energy and convert to a daily use energy source for our homes, facilities, etc.. We can not arrest and keep lightning in a shelter and moreover we have to keep ourselves away from lightning because it is an extremely dangerous natural phenomenon and can end our lives on this earth in a blink of an eye!

How Strong is Lightning?

Have you ever stuck your finger in power sockets when you were a child? If yes, now try to remember how it felt, how it made your finger paralized and made your body shake. Now multiply that feeling with around 200.000 and now you know how an average lightning bolt can make you feel!

Lightning can give severe damages to any structure on earth with sudden rise in temperature and pressure. Lightning can cause explosions and fires, can damage telecommunication towers and power lines and create thousands of fatalities every year (actually it does!) all over the world.

Lightning strike

How to be Protected?

Personal protection;

1) Do not stay under a tree

2) Do not stay under a street lighting pole

3) Do NOT swim!

4) If you have a piercing on your tongue, keep your tongue in yout mouth! (lightning strikes hit a woman's tongue with piercing in 2003 in the UK)

5) Stay inside a shelter or in your car

6) If you are outside and in the middle of nowhere; put your feet together and crouch in a fetus position without touching the ground by hands.

Lightning damage on people

Lightning Protection for Facilities

If you want to protect a building from lightning damages, lightning attracter products such as rods and early streamer emitter (e.s.e.) devices would do a good job. These products are designed to attract lightning on themselves in order to avoid any strike around and carry the current to ground through a conductor cable. Since that the conductor cable is usually more conductive than the building's constructive material such as concrete, wood, etc; lightning current shall follow the conductor as a good path to reach the ground.

lightning arrester

However, a metal structure such as a telecommunication tower, radio-tv tower or a tower crane, attracting lightning is not a good idea. The reason is simple; these metal towers are already like magnets for lightning and installing a lightning rod on the top would attract even more lightning strikes on the structure. Besides, this attracted millions of Volts of energy must reach the ground and conductor cable is not that much conductive this time considering that the structure is a metal object and is already conductive enough for the current to follow as a path to the ground!

Lightning strike metal tower

Lightning Protection for Metal Towers

Lightning must be kept away from metal towers. To achieve that, MTO invented EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System.

EvoDis® System is a lightning prevention solution for metal towers. EvoDis® units dissipate the charges on tower and make the tower "invisible" to lightning. Lightning acts as if the tower does not exist there and strikes to where it used to strike before that tower was built. No lightning, no damage, no service cuts..

Use page menu to view all technical details about EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System and get in touch with us for any questions.

Stay away from lightning and keep your business safe..


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