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No more Lightning Strikes on Power Transmission Lines / EvoDis Lightning Prevention System

Lightning is one of the biggest threats to power transmission lines and the leading cause of power outages. Reported by electrical suppliers in many countries that lightning is the reason for over 50% of their system failures.

A single lightning strike can damage the insulators and break the power lines off that results in long time service loss to a whole district.

Lightning current can also be carried tens of kilometers away through the transmission lines and can damage all electronics in houses and facilities.

Traditional Lightning Protection Setup

Power transmission lines are carried by metal towers that have metal wires above the power lines called “Shielding Wires”. The purpose of the shielding wires is to collect the strikes on them instead of the power lines underneath.

However, the metal towers that carry all these components are much more prone to lightning strikes, and lightning mostly hits the towers instead of the shielding wires.

When lightning hits the tower, the lightning current seeks the best path to the ground, which is the tower body. In most cases, the current damages the insulators and bounces to the power lines that carry the lightning current to a distance.

Lightning must be kept AWAY from the metal towers!


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® System is a lightning prevention solution for metal towers. EvoDis® Units dissipate the ground charges on the transmission towers and keep the surrounding electrical field strength below the threshold level.

This process blocks the formation of a lightning channel between the tower and the storm cloud. In other words, EvoDis® System makes the transmission towers “invisible” to lightning strikes.

When the towers are not a target to lightning anymore, the shielding wires above the power lines remain as the primary lightning strike point; and reliable lightning protection supplied.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System has applied on over 2500 sites that include telecom towers, radio&tv broadcast towers, tower cranes, camera masts, sailboats, etc.. and none of them hit by lightning strikes for the past 13+ years.

Existing lightning protection method of the power transmission lines is incomplete, and CANNOT protect the power lines. EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System can keep lightning strikes away from the towers and keep the power lines safe.

Contact Us to start protecting your power lines from damages and service loss.

Lightning must be kept away from power transmission towers.

EvoDis® System keeps lightning strikes away.



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