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Metal Towers Lightning Protection

Why do you want to catch lightning?

Lightning is a massive source of energy with millions of volts of potential. In order to figure it out, go ahead and stick your finger into electricity socket at home and multiply how you feel with 10.000 at least. Congratulations, you are one step closer to understanding what lightning is..

Lightning protection

If you don’t want to experience an electical shock; do you put your finger into the socket or do you stay away from it?

You have exactly the same two options for lightning protection of metal towers.

Lightning rods are made to attract lightning on themselves and naturally to the tower. They try to “catch” lightning and let the tower body transfer the current to ground. During this flow, lightning current damages all equipment on tower and inside nearby shelter if exists.

Lightning strike lightning rod

The result is potential damage on tower body, loss of equipment, loss of service and cost of maintanence.

So, why do you want to catch lightning?

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

Lightning protection

EvoDis® System is a unique lightning protection solution designed for metal towers. EvoDis® dissipates the charges on metal towers and makes the tower invisible to lightning. Lightning does not choose the tower as a target so all equipment on tower and nearby shelter remain safe, site keeps on giving service even in the storms with highest lightning rates.

Lightning protection - EvoDis Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® System is a 100% successful solution proven with high voltage laboratory tests and also with field tests. The System has been applied on hundreds of lightning prone towers worldwide and NONE of them has received any single lightning strikes for many years!

If you need lightning protection for Telecommunication Towers, Radio & TV Broadcast Towers, Tower Cranes, Antenna Towers, High Voltage Transmission Towers, Security Camera Poles, Wind Turbines or Weather Observation Towers, go to Products and Contact Us to let us support your business and protect your investment.

Why do you want to catch lightning?

EvoDis® System keeps lightning away from you.


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