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Lightning Protection for Boats, Sailboats and Yachts

No more lightning damage on boats!

Is your boat a lightning magnet?

Are you worried about lightning damage on your antennas, radios, electronics or the engine?

You already have lightning arrester rod and a proper low resistant grounding system but you still experience lightning strikes on your boat?

Now, there is finally a 100% successful solution to stop lightning strikes on boats; EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System.

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Lightning Threat on Boats

Boats are the sharpest and highest objects on water. Depending on the size and structural properties, risk of getting hit by a lightning strike varies, but if you are the only one under thunderstorm cloud at that moment, you are most likely to experience lightning damage on your boat.

During a storm, ground charges(charges on water) accumulate on boat, climb up to top of the mast where wind sensors are located. As these ground charges are emitted towards the opposite charged streamers of cloud; two charged groups meet eachother and develop a conductive channel between cloud and the mast which is called “lightning”.

Lightning strike boat

All current inside cloud flows through this channel and reach to water through the mast and boat body while damaging all sensors on mast; destroying antennas, radios and cables; damaging batteries inside and finally breaking down the engine and causing fire.

Lightning damage on boats

While discharging from the bottom, lightning current can damage the body of the boat and leave holes underneath.

Lightning damage on boats

Lightning Rod “Protection”

Masts are mostly made of metals such as aluminum and/or light weight steel and they are the most conductive and highest structures on the boat. Even if you have a wooden mast, it is a high and sharp object and still conductive due to salty water particles on its surface. Masts are the primary targets of lightning strikes and must be protected against direct and indirect effects of lightning.

Lightning protection for boats

Lightning arresters are used to emit more charges on themselves in order to attract lightning before any surrounding object. With use of a lightning arrester on a boat mast, the arrester collects all lightning strikes with purpose of transferring lightning current to grounding system safely.

Lightning protection for boats

However, lightning current must reach the ground through the shortest and fastest way which is still the mast itself. Eventhough a conductor cable is installed between lightning arrester and grounding system, lightning current prefers to follow larger surfaces instead of a conductor cable and flows through mast surface.

Lightning protection for boats

Using a lightning arrester on boats does not a solution and all sensors, all electronics and engine are still damaged by lightning current and even worse; all people on boat are under serious risk of getting hit by lightning current.

Lightning must be kept away from the boat.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

Lightning protection for boats

The point where lightning hits depends on the ground charge accumulation on a body and emission point on the top. Lightning strikes at that particular point of emission and lightning current runs down to the ground through the body of the structure.

Lightning protection for boats

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System dissipates the ground charges on mast through thousands of tiny sharp points and blocks the emission of these charges. This process makes the protected boat “invisible” to lightning; prevents any damage on electronics and sensors and save the boat.

Lightning protection for boats

EvoDis® units are installed directly on the mast without a need for conductor or any upgrades in the existing grounding system of the boat. EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System does not require any maintanence after installation and EvoDis® units are delivered with 10 years of material warranty.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is a lightning protection solution with 100% success in high voltage laboratory tests and in field tests. EvoDis® has been applied to hundreds of lightning prone towers, masts and poles worldwide and none of these structures have been hit by lightning since the dates of installation.

Best way of lightning protection is to stay away from lightning.

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System keeps lightning away.


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