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Lightning Prevention for Telecom Towers

Telecom Towers Lightning Protection

Telecom towers are the primary targets of lightning strikes and traditional lightning protection methods (lightning rods) do not provide a solution. Lightning rods are made to attract lightning on themselves and naturally to the tower.

Telecom Tower Lightning Rod Use

When they “catch” the lightning strike, lightning current flows down to ground through tower body. Even with the best grounding system, all equipment on tower and inside nearby shelter gets damaged.

Why do you want to catch lightning?

Lightning must be kept away!

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® System is the ONLY lightning prevention solution which keeps lightning AWAY from metal structures such as telecom towers. EvoDis® Units dissipate the ground charges on tower and make the site “invisible” to lightning. Lightning acts as if the tower does not exist there and all equipment on tower and inside shelter remain safe.

No lightning strikes, no damage on equipment, no loss of service and no cost of lightning related maintanence and replacements.

Lightning Protection for Telecom Towers

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is a 100% successfull solution proven with high voltage tests and field tests. EvoDis® has been applied on hundreds of lightning prone tower worldwide and NONE of them has been hit by lightning for the past 10+ years!

EvoDis® System provides lightning prevention solution for Telecommunication Towers, Radio&TV Broadcast Towers, Tower Cranes, Antenna Towers, High Voltage Power Transmission Towers, CCTV Camera Masts and Wind Measurement Towers.

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You can also check our Gallery for hundreds of EvoDis® applications.

Why do you want to catch lightning?

EvoDis® System keeps lightning strikes away from your site.


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