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Lightning Prevention System

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is a unique lightning protection solution designed to prevent lightning strikes on metal towers with 100% success.

Unlike traditional lightning arresters/lightning rods; EvoDis® System does not attract lightning on tower, but keeps lightning away from the crane. This prevents any damage in equipment on crane and avoids any service drop in the operation.

EvoDis® System is a result of over 5 years of research and 1.5 years of development process. MTO designed EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System as the latest form of lightning dissipation technology and manufactures the system with the highest quality stainless material. This gives our clients the advantage of having a "maintanence-free" product for tough weather conditions with 10 years product material warranty. EvoDis® is the first and the only lightning prevention system tested in laboratory and in field and achieved 100% successfull results in both tests. We are proud to experience zero failures in hundreds of sites protected by EvoDis® System for the past 10+ years.

How it WORKS

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is based on Charge Dissipation Principle. This principle is rapidly emitting the charges through hundreds of sharp points instead of using a simple rod with a single sharp point such as a lightning arrester. This method completely stops or in some cases delays the formation of upward streamers between the protected structure and the cloud by dissipating the concentration of the charges on the structure. This makes the protected structure invisible to lightning strikes.

Unlike traditional lightning arresters/lightning rods; EvoDis® System does not attract the lightning on tower, but keeps the lightning away from the crane. This prevents any failure in equipment on site and avoids service drops in the operation.

Lightning strikes on crane with no protection or crane protected with a lightning arrester.

EvoDis® System dissipates the charges on tower crane and keeps lightning away from site.



EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System minimizes the risk of getting struck by lightning. So;

  • Lightning current can not damage the electronic equipment on the tower.

  • Million Volts of energy can not damage the indoor electrical system at facilities.

  • Service drops due to lightning damage is not an issue any more.

  • Structural damage by explosive pressure effect of lightning is prevented.

  • Sudden rise in temperature causing fire and explosions are blocked.

  • Electromagnetic field of lightning current can not affect the sensitive electronics on the path of flow to ground.

  • Most importantly; no incident resultened with injuries or deaths.


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System has a unique design for each different structure.


Once we gather information and pictures of the site to be protected, MTO's Engineering Team develops the appropriate design for that particular site and our Design Team prepares the design project of EvoDis® System which shows the correct models to be used, how many to be installed and exactly where to install them in details.

Feel the comfort, we know how to protect your investment!


EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System is delivered with installation guides and installation projects.

Installation guide gives general information on how to apply EvoDis® System on a structure. It is delivered in each product box and 10 year material warranty certificate is also attached at the end of each guide with serial number for that product.


EvoDis® System configuration is presented in installation project with details so that the field teams can easily understand and install EvoDis® units at the appropriate spots of the tower.


Remember, EvoDis® System does not require any conductor and no need for enhancement in existing grounding. 

With the complete of easy installation, you can start using the benefits of your EvoDis® System.

Now, there is finally a 100% successful solution to stop lightning strikes on tower cranes; 

EvoDis® Lightning Prevention System


Contact Us to protect your crane from lightning and keep your operation safe.

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